Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Water is Life!

Such a strong message sent out by Cynthiya Koenig. Hats off. Each and every Indian needs to check out this video and learn something. Learn how valuable water is, learn how much it takes to consume water for people where there is scarcity of water. Such a deep analysis done by Cynthiya Koenig just to find out a way for those people to live their life with little ease, to enjoy their lives, to make a way for them to excel in life. Tremendous effort put by the whole team. India seriously needs projects like these to come up and help people. In Rajasthan and many other parts of India are lacking proper water supply. Even if they are managing to get water it's not filtered enough to drink it. Hence various types of diseases are suffered by the people devoid of quality water.

Water is the basic requirement for a human being to stay alive. Women specially suffer a lot due to shortage of water. As showed in the video(link below) they have to travel miles to fetch water. Even after all that hard work, hardly 5 litres per person per day water is arranged and that too unhygienic water most times.

Women can't work or growing girls cannot attend schools/colleges just because of extra workload at home. People at times stay without water for the whole day as they cannot manage to get water at times. They travel miles and miles in search of water.

Wello Wheel is a great invention for people who need to carry water for miles. It's an excellently designed product which will enable women to save time and avoid risking their health by carrying litres of water in their head. This will bring new thoughts in the people, they'll start saving time and utilize it in better things. The girls can now attend schools and colleges on a regular basis and lead life with happiness and simplicity.

These types of projects should more often come up and help people living in areas devoid of water.
Congratulations for such hard work, Wello Wheel will certainly transform lot of lives. Again, hats off!

                                                                       Cynthiya Koenig

Wake up everyone! Save water! Safe Life!
Franklin Templeton

Friday, 26 July 2013

Dream Road Trip..

When it comes to road trips, there’s no one  crazier than me. I’m one the the craziest lover of road trips.
Nothing gives me more joy than road trips. My ideal and much awaited road trip is drive on my lovely BMW 6-Series 650i Convertible on the Flower Route in the Netherlands with my all time favorite actor Amitabh Bachchan.

 From the moment the first tulip was planted in Dutch soil, in 1593, the Netherlands has been in extravagant bloom and the Dutch have been in thrall to flowers, inventing a whole horticultural industry and turning their lowland fields into a blanket of blooms. The flowers reach their climax, of course, in April and May, when Holland offers Europe's quintessential spring drive. For anyone who wants to see nature in all its glory and smell the roses—or in this case the tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, and daffodils—western Holland is the prime place to be. And the Dutch, as practical as they are aesthetic, have made certain that visitors won't miss a single bloom.

Starting in Haarlem, the northernmost point of the Bollenstreek Route—also known as the Bloemen Route (Flower Route) on BMW was just feeling of supremacy with Bachchan ji. Haarlem's historic center is seamed with canals and punctuated by the landmarks that hometown artists painted. Starting in Haarlem, stopping once at The Frans Hals Museum; one of Holland's top small galleries. The best way to get in the modd for the blooming drive was this place. 

From Haarlem, heading towards south on highway N208 to Lisse. This town makes a quaint pit stop in its own right, but its real claim to fame is the Bloemen Route's showstopper: The Keukenhof Garden (Stationsweg 166a, Lisse), which started as the small kitchen garden of a 15th-century countess and now bills itself as nothing less than the most beautiful spring garden in the world, designed to showcase the art of Dutch bulb growers. Spilling across 70 acres (28 hectares) of wooded parkland and attracting more than 700,000 visitors annually, the garden has nine miles (14 kilometers) of walking paths that wind around ponds, a windmill, greenhouse pavilions holding indoor displays, and more than seven million bulbs planted three layers deep to ensure a blaze of color. For a taste of Golden Age Dutch grandeur, we stopped by the tower-ringed Castle Keukenhof, which sits directly across from the entrance to the garden. Built by a former commander of the Dutch East India Company, which helped make 17th-century Holland very rich, the castle features the kitchen where aristocratic feasts of yore were prepared. The smile of Bachchan ji's face while driving, along with his life stories shared by him just kept making this trip memorable one.

Continuing south, taking N208 to the larger highway A44, and we came to the town of Leiden, a calmer, crucial Bloemen landmark. The small, historic town is home to Holland's oldest university as well as the Botanical Garden, which looks miniature after Keukenhof but may seem more beautiful in its understatement, and which claims more of a historical pedigree. "The Botanical Garden was planted in 1594," says curator Carla Teune, and the first director of the garden was Carolus Clusius, one of the greatest botanists of his time. We took a break at one of the restaurants, this place was just amazing. Never experienced such a ambience, all around flowers. 

Now it's time to dive back into the fields. Being on one of the smoothest and loveable drive on my lovely BMW was just amazing. The nice thing about the Bloemen Route is that it allows for a variety of highlights, and one of the best lies about 30 minutes south of Leiden (take A4 south and then turn west on N222) at Naaldwijk, where you can see what a muscular commercial force all those flowers have become, and how important they are to the Dutch economy.

This drive takes in the densest concentration of flower fields, with alternating strips of flowers shooting in thick ribbons of primary colors to the flat Dutch horizon. These are followed by daffodils, narcissi, and hyacinths. Irises and tulips emerge , followed by gladioli, dahlias, and fragrant lilies. The queen of this nonstop flower extravaganza is the tulip, bursting out in every candy color. Flower sellers set up stalls along the road and sell garlands to adorn your car. But it isn't just the beds of blooms that make this drive eye-popping. What you'll also pass along the route is the sturdy billion-dollar industry that those seemingly wispy flowers support: the auction houses that sell the flowers; the public gardens that showcase the flowers; the museums and private gardens that celebrate the horticultural tradition; a series of gabled, Vermeer-worthy villages that grew rich on the flower industry; and two elegant cities, Haarlem and Leiden, that offer as much history and canal-side beauty per square block as Amsterdam itself.

All this makes a short drive worth experiencing. Heavenly feeling of a road drive with my favorite Amitabh Bachchan.

Ambi Pur

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Perfect Road Trip..

Being one of the craziest for road trips, I find this amazing opportunity to write for my passion. All thanks to Ambi Pur.
One of my finest road trips has been drive from Mumbai to Lonavala. Nothing can beat this amazing experience. It was a trip with my family which includes my husband, son, daughter  and son-in-law. The excitement filled drive started off with usual Mumbai traffic but the moment we left off the traffic of Mumbai and got connected to the neat, clean and smooth roads of Mumbai-Lonavala was amazing. 

The early morning drive just made our morning wonderful. We halted at a restaurant to have breakfast and then again continued our joyful journey. Driving through the roads watching the ravishing scenery on both sides of the road. On the way to Lonavala we stopped at  Malshej Ghat and felt the cold waters of it. We clicked loads of pictures of us and enjoyed over there. Thenafter we continued our drive to Lonavala. The foggy roads, greenery , awesome roads altogether just was making this experience amazing.

Entering into Lonavala we drove around the town and suddenly a bad smell started coming. We closed the windows of the car but still the smell didn’t go away. My son started feeling uncomfortable and gave signs of vomiting. That very moment I saw somebody had removed Ambi Pur from the panel. I took out Ambi Pur, switched the A.C. on and then the bad smell vanished and this is a very practical experience of mine how Ambi Pur came to rescue us from pathetic smell.

We then reached our holiday home in Lonavala where it’s just peace, away from the fast life in Mumbai city. We had lunch and enjoyed over there. Minutes before leaving Lonavala, I saw one of the tyres of our car had got nail pierced inside it. So as I spotted out, I called my son to replace it. He changed the tyres and then we left from Lonavala to Mumbai. It was a Sunday trip just for getting relaxed from usual worries of life and a road drive for me is the best stress buster for me.


While going back to Mumbai, we took along the same route but this time we experienced something different. After driving some distance we saw a long queue of cars and trucks on roads.  This we thought can be a turning point of our short journey. We all got off from the car to check out what’s the reason for it and then we came to know that some bridge has been broken so the vehicles aren’t able to pass by. The place where our car stopped was a nice one. Not being aware of the proper name of the place, cannot share still it was a beautiful place with white fogs all around and green trees. Some food stalls were there too along with small waterfalls here and there. The place depicted true beauty of the nature.

The mess-up on road was sorted out and vehicles started moving. We then got into the car and continued our journey towards Mumbai. The neat and clean roads just stopped us from leaving the place. We didn’t feel like passing these roads and move on to Mumbai. Just superb roads  it was, but we had to move on. We finally reached our home in Mumbai.

This was one of the short road trips I had experienced. But even though a short trip but this journey for me is unforgettable for me. The smiling faces of my family members and the much needed relaxation was the best thing about the trip along with awesome experience of driving along such superb roads.
Thanks to my family and also my lovely Jazz car for making me have such a wonderful experience. Total pleasure.