Friday, 3 January 2014

Social mobile Apps---A new innovation

Indian general elections 2014 is the right time to make a great difference in our country.ANCIENT SYSTEM OF CASTING THE VOTE SHOULD BE CHANGED. I remembered an incident which took place a few years ago in Nalhati,Birbhum, West bengal. It was election time and campaigning was going on and on from differenet parties contesting.The Congress, BJP and CPM were strong contenders from our ward.The labours and poor people were tempted by different promises to cast their vote for the candidates, who, the campaigners claimed would change their lives.The voters seemed to change party within few hours, as the campaigners confused them with fake promises. In all the 
confusion, a worker from my rice mill who came around to help me announced that she is going to vote only for CPM. In all the confusion, she was very sure about her decision.I could not resist myself and asked  about her strong support to CPM.She told if CPM would win, they will change her hut into a pakka house.They are also giving some amount of money to all of them. All workers in our rice mill were tempted by fake decision.They are also giving some amount of money to them. All workers in our Rice mill were tempted by fake promises. It was really tragic scene for our country. Was election and voting meant to mislead innocent poor people like her? I was really very worried to know how innocent people were lured to vote for people for all the wrong reasons and wrong person as well as wrong party.  No wonder we end up blaming the politicians later for downfall of our country. All workers and poor people are misled by false or unwanted promises which has really no ground.
Today modern age there are varieties of smart phones, android phones, tab, i-phone, windows, symbian, Blackberry and moreover they are supported by Wi-FI, 2G, 3G, 4G and different data networks
Prices of these phones are dropping down day by day and each and every person can afford it

.Here are 12 social mobile messaging apps-

1.       WhatsApp
2.       Viber
3.       WeChat
4.       LINE
5.       TextFree
6.        Kik
7.       Tango
8.       Piip
9.       Facebook Messenger
10.    MessageMe
11.    Google Hangouts
12.    Skype

Social mobile apps are one of the most popular and fastest growing applications. Because these apps do not charge per message. So in younger generation usage of these apps are increasing. In INDIA percentage of youth is more than other countries, so we must convince youth to vote for the right candidate and the right party and this is the right time, INDIAN GENERAL ELECTIONS 2014. As we know many drops makes an ocean. Every single vote is important. Youth can chat, refer or discuss about voting on social media apps and can conclude to a better result.  “Vote for Better India” is another Smartphone app is there for unregistered Indian citizens
Victorious AAP also proved the advantages of internet and has given positive results. We can launch our own campaign through we chat, whatsApp or group chat or discuss the pros and cons of different parties.If Power of youth and power of social apps are combined then surely we will get a better percentage of vote. In short I can say social media apps are one of the strongest tool and we can encourage masses and youth to cast their precious vote.

 it for the natin 

Old system should be changed instantly in benefit of the nation.