Friday, 21 November 2014

Bring Back The Touch!

Now-a-days romance begins to wane in our relationship, so I took the time to put my partner first and do a great deal to spark the romantic fire once again in our life. We, partners in a long-term relationship begin to take each other for granted. The special steps and little things we do for each other in the early days of a relationship now take a back seat over time. Work, children and their responsibilities robs us of the time and energy to make each other feel special in our lives. So I thought to do some magical effects which can bring back the touch and the lost spark and chemistry between us.
In our busy schedule I plan our special dates and times together. I marked date nights on a household calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts. We should know the date is off limits for any other important or non-important activity.  This will give both of us an opportunity to surprise each other with a romantic evening.
It was my husband’s birthday and I cooked a great dinner for just 2 of us. I had steam bath in the morning and massage with PARACHUTE ADVANCED BODY LOTION all over the body for a silky, smooth and shiny finish. Now my body was glowing. I also bought my husbands’ favorite music CD to play at the time of dinner. As we know touch is a romantic part of a relationship, so I put my hand on my partner's shoulder, hold his hands to make contact and make him seated on sofa and settle in to watch a movie on our 47” screen at home only. We watch the movie and had the dinner listening romantic music .Then we both went to an ice-cream parlor and had yummy ice-creams. It was a memorable awesome evening and it was a simple, inexpensive and romantic way to share an evening. And then at the end, we slept off peacefully.  #BringBackTheTouch

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My dream 24K home

My dream 24K home

I will use porcelain ceramic material in my bathroom Porcelain is the natural choice of ceramic material for flooring because these tiles have heavily resistance power.That's why these tiles are mostly used in areas where there is more and more traffic. It is also usable  in indoor and outdoor areas in residential spaces such as ground floor. terrace garden etc. These tiles looks terrific, extraordinary shiny and extra smooth, as anyone gets in love with them. this all credit goes to PORCELANOSA Group. 
This will complete my dream 24K home.