Sunday, 28 December 2014

Truly Memorable Moments!

Life is name of happenings. Life teaches many lessons. Each lesson has interesting and inspiration story. For few, life is very easy. Such people are born with luck. But for the rest, life is real struggle. Life has posed very difficult challenges for my own survival.

Once upon a time sitting in the Tea Junction, I was anxiously waiting for someone. So many times the door opened but he did not appear. I already had  3 cups of tea. I was so confused , what to do next.My discomfort was increasing. I could not breathe properly. I was totally lost. My mind was in vacuum.
I came on the street and moved towards the same bus, with which we used  to travel. I boarded the bus and anyhow reached my home.  I  was recalling the scene of two months ago.
I was very beautiful and nice girl. I always used to laugh and smile. I always remain in the jolly mood. But what happened to me , why was  I completely broken. Now I had languid and pale face, lost eyes , wet eyelids and broken-heart. All of sudden , I lost my consciousness.
Around two months back , I was cracking jokes with my friends and waiting for the bus. I saw a young boy from South India there. He was asking the way to his office holding a paper. He came to me and asked to help him .
Me ,” Perhaps you are new to this area. ”
The boy begged ,” yes,yes . Kindly help me.”
Jokingly I  told him the opposite way.
The boy , ” Shyam ” ,  hired an Autorikshaw and left. After so many left and right twists ,  Shyam was standing there only from where he started. Auto driver charged and left smilingly.
Shyam was furiously waiting for the next day. On the very next day at the same time I came to the stop in a jolly mood.
Suddenly Shyam appeared to me, ” enjoyed ?  Made me fool yesterday? ”
I was shocked and scared too. It was happening for the first time . After such incidents no one comes back.
All of sudden Shyam  started laughing loudly ,” hahaha you made me fool.” I  also supported him in laughing.
And since our stop was same , we became friends gradually. We started sharing our interests, hobbies etc. Once Shyam invited me for a cup of tea in the nearby Tea junction.
Once Syam could not come to see me.  I  waited and left the place.  But some new feeling emerged and hurting her.I had thoughts of  Shyam only.
For the next two consecutive days he did not appear.
On the  third day as soon as he appeared I  shouted angrily,” Where have you gone ? Could not make a call even ? I was so worried about you . From the  last  two nights I could  not sleep  even. You idiot. Where were you ?  Now why don’t you speak something? ”
Astonished Shyam could not speak a single word. He could not digest my transformation.
Affectionately he Looked into my eyes and asked ,” calm down Manju. Actually I had to visit my town suddenly. But for two days only I was not there. I mean what is wrong with you?  ”
I now understood my fault. I subsided at once.
Shyam asked ,” Hey sweetie ! come on. May I call you sweetie ? I am your friend . Tell me about your feelings. Do you love me Sweetie? ”
I was blushing.
Shyam ” Oh Thank God you realized.”
I was amazed to listen him,  ” means …you ….. earlier …….when……never realized.In your absence only I realized that how much I ……….”
Shyam ” complete your words please. But you know there is a huge difference between us regarding  our customs and all.”
” If we are together, then everything will be manageable. Shyam ! do you feel the same? ” I asked politely .
Shyam replied ” yes I do. But promise me that we will always remain  good friends.”
I nodded.
I got  bliss of love.
Then what happened  to me? Really an amazing question arises . Everything seems like a perfect love story . All of sudden the loneliness, broken heart and wet eyelids? There must be some serious issue.
Prior to Deewali festival I told Shyam that I am going to Rajasthan with my family for 5 days only. I know that I was lying. I can't sleep at night, so next day morning I rang him up and said that they had shifted to Rajasthan for lifetime. It was really a great shock to Shyam but he understood my love, my problems and told me not to worry about. He told that he will come there to meet her. 

We are in love till date and now I am back to Kolkata and waiting for him in the same Tea junction. My conscious was clear .