Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Digital India! Intel India!


Roti, Kapda aur Makaan?



Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Internet!

Yes, that’s how technology has brought changes in everyone’s life.
Technology, a term which has re defined the way of living a life.


             Old days letters.                                                    New Gen. e-Mails!

      Queue in bank!                                                                     ATM cash!


It is a project undertaken by Govt. of India for betterment of the nation.
To bring technology available to each and every citizen of the nation.
To make internet available to every citizen.

The core vision of the project is to:
·      Digitalize infrastructure to such an extent that it’s available for every citizen.

·      To make available services on demand to the citizens.

·      To Empower citizens digitally, i.e., accessible digital resources and digital literacy.

Digital India is an ambitious programme of Government of India projected at Rs 1,13,000 crores. The programme will be implemented in phases from 2014 till 2018.  It is coordinated by DeitY(Department Of Electronics & Information Technology), implemented by the Central and State governments. It covers many government departments. It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal. The Programme pulls together many existing schemes. These schemes will be restructured and re-focused. They will be implemented in a synchronized manner. The common branding of programmes as Digital India highlights their transformative impact.

Intel’s India!

Intel treats India as what mother treats her child.
And this can be proven by endless examples.
Some of them are:

ü Intel has trained over 18 lakh teachers through Intel Teach programme
ü Intel Learn programme has reached 1.8 lakh
under-served students
ü Over 2.35 lakh students and 4,500 faculty across 450 institutes have been impacted through Intel Higher Education programme
ü In 2012, Intel launched the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM), along with Nasscom.
ü Over 16,500 youth were trained by 450+ volunteers from 10 NDLM partners in seven days during Digital Literacy Week

In December 2012 Intel adopted 3 villages (BBNL pilot for Tripura, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan) and set up digital literacy training camps Achieved 100% digital literacy in these villages, as measured by one e-literate person per household
In Dec 2014 Intel announced  Digital Skills for India and  Innovate for India (#DigitalIndia) initiatives,  Intel India will also work with Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) to build capacity by imparting digital literacy training to key resource persons in the first 1,000 panchayats under the National Optic Fiber Network roll-out in India.

As part of its Digital Skills for India programme, Intel India has unveiled a digital skills training application, which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages. App is available free on Android Play Store from December 6 2014 in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada. A similar offline training module will also be made available in seven Indian languages.


Electronic Governance.
Recognising the increasing importance of electronics, the Government of India
established the Department of Electronics in 1970. The subsequent establishment of the
National Informatics Centre (NIC) in 1977 was the first major step towards e-Governance
in India as it brought ‘information’ and its communication in focus. In the early 1980s, use
of computers was confined to very few organizations. The advent of personal computers
brought the storage, retrieval and processing capacities of computers to Government offices.
By the late 1980s, a large number of government officers had computers but they were mostly
used for ‘word processing’. Gradually, with the introduction of better softwares, computers
were put to other uses like managing databases and processing information. Advances in
communications technology further improved the versatility and reach of computers,
and many Government departments started using ICT for a number of applications like
tracking movement of papers and files, monitoring of development programmes, processing
of employees’ pay rolls, generation of reports etc.

Acceleration of vision of Digital India!

E-Governance holds the key for acceleration of this initiative taken up by the Govt. E-Governance is something which united every citizen of the country. Each citizen is connected with the Govt. with some or the other means. E-Governance spreads use of technology to the root levels.
People resist to changes. It’s true. But when it comes down to compulsion, one as to use and that’s where E-Governance comes into play. E-Governance will motivate each ad everyone to step into the digital world. Henceforth, everyone will come on ease terms with the Digital world and that will give huge acceleration to the project Digital India!

E-Governance also ensures direct communication with the citizens with no involvement of middle men in between.
Several projects of E-Governance has turned out to be big success in different part of the countries.

E-Governance won’t only accelerate Digital India project but also it accelerates the speed of work.
For example, filing IT-return.
Earlier it was such a botheration and time consuming task. Now, it’s clean, clear and simple. No botheration of going anywhere. Just sit down and submit your Income tax. It’s that easy.

In today’s world, laptops; tablets; smartphones etc are almost a compulsion and most own it one or the other product. Different apps by the Govt. can accelerate use of online services by the Govt.
Indian Railways for example. Getting to buy tickets online for trains is such big bonus and big hit. No botheration in standing in long queues and wait to get hands on the ticket. Everything gets simplified in this digital world.

Intel Acceleration!

Intel is giving tough competition to E-governance for the assisting to accelerate Digital India project.
When you step into Digital World, it means you step into Intel World. It goes hand in hand.

Be it a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone, if anything has to be common between them, it got to be INTEL!
Intel has changed the dimension of digital world by endless inventions and advances in technology world. Intel’s help in making people aware of Digital world, itself is something to be proud of.

I thank Intel for giving me this opportunity to express my views in Digital India and E-Governance!



Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brilliant Homely Cuisine at Singapore


Good MEME makes me mad,
   Bad   MEME makes me sad    


Food. It’s indispensable part of life, having paramount importance. We get nutrition from food and nutrition plays all imperative role in our life. Only if we eat well, sleep well, think well and stay healthy and energetic. Everything we eat is a food and nothing else. 

And when it comes to food, people have their own liking's and dis liking's. Some are crazy for food, some consider food as essential part of life and hence fulfill it. Some love to eat varieties of food, some are very selective about their food. Some are vegetarians, some non-vegetarians. Some like healthy food and some junk food. So it all depends on individuals what they love to eat.Talking about myself, I’m a crazy food lover. I simply love to eat different types of food and am fond of tasting new recipes and then cooking them. Fruits are like my favorite friends. Being a Marwari, I’m a born vegetarian. I just love life, so I am a vegetarian. I feel my body is not a tomb for other creatures. My hearts feel sorrow in killing a living creature just for eating. Vegetarianism is harmless and it tastes better.

Just Foodie!

I love to have Rajasthani foods, Indian, continental, Chinese, Italian
and list goes on. I love homemade food and also love to eat varieties of foods in restaurants. 

For me my best food was plain chapatti with ridge gourd. My husband was insisting on going to Singapore, but I always refused as far as I know that Singapore vegetarian cuisines are not so good in taste. 
But then I made a trip to Singapore, booking my stay at Far East Hospitality and then the story unfolds.

Singaporean cuisine indicates the ethnic diversity of the culture. Singaporean culture declares eating as a national pastime and food, a national obsession. Food is the most frequent topic to be converse with among Singaporeans. Singaporean cuisines attracts tourists along with its shopping.

I got my freedom of choice from the huge varieties of food in Singapore. It is a paradise for food-lovers. There are maximum amount of awesome marvelous cuisines (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) found in this
smallest area.
Fried Carrot Cake, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rojak, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Fish head curry,Chilli Crab, Char Kway Teow, Otak Otak, Rendang, Mooncakes, Hakka Yang Tau Foo, Roti Prata, Fried Sesame ball, Dumping noodles, Bak Kut The, Satay, IceKanchang, Cendol, Ayam Buah Keluk, Nasi Padang and above all veg KAYA TOAST, my favorite Singaporean dish. 


Kaya toast is a traditional breakfast staple. It is prepared with kaya--sweet coconut jam, butter and is spread over toasted bread. Singaporeans are known for personalizing their eating experience. So it is no exceptional. So Kaya toast is also made from butter or margarine, soft- boiled eggs, a topping of sugar, coconut milk and sometimes crackers are used instead of toasted bread. It is combined with an aromatic cup of local coffee.  It is just a typical breakfast in Singapore. It tastes pretty decent. My taste bud always crave for it. I believe in good taste, so I love Kaya toast. I tasted this dish at Ya Kun Kaya Toast who sells these toast since 1940’s. When I put my favorite Kaya toast inside my mouth and then it reaches my taste bud, that feel is just priceless and is beyond description. It is well-loved by locals as well as new comers like me.I can bet Kaya toast is the only meal full of nutrition without paying much and one can eat it like a king in breakfast.I promise that I cannot forget this in my whole life.

Kaayyaaa, I love you!!

Apart from kaya toast I like Vegetarian Rice noodles for lunch and Cendol as my desert. I also bought Kaya spread and local coffee powder. 

I felt like BHUKKAD (GLUTTON) in my trip to Singapore. I would consider going back next time with my mother-in-law, because vegetarian dishes are as tasty as non- vegetarian dishes. It is a paradise for food-lovers. These memories are engraved on my mental urn and can’t be erased in future. I will share it with my friends, family, lovers’ and bloggers. I fell in love with @FarEastHospitality stay and Singaporean food.
We have just stayed for 2 nights at the Amoy. Great location in the heart of he historical area. The hotel staff are knowledgable and very friendly. Brilliant services and great location : Really impressed.We feel the loving touch of home at our @fareastospitality stay along with divine cuisine if Singapore.

Far East Hospitality, You're now close to me!

In conclusion, I can say that food and Singapore are made for each other and can create a better love story than LAILA-MAJNU or ROMEO-JULIET. Singapore is a Food heaven on the earth.


Kudos to Singapore GiveAway; Thanks to @FarEastHospitality

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Wow Breakfast!

The word ‘breakfast’ literally refers to breaking the fasting period of the prior night. It is first meal most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's routine of work. It is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten like a king. All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.
It's often the meal you play a game on. I make sure I have oatmeal, milk, fruit and Kellogg’s cornflakes. It's the fuel I use to hopefully do my best, so eating right is a big part of being a perfect homemaker.
I was in the habit of forgetting breakfast and snacks, but  since I bought a pack of Kellogg’s Cornflakes my taste buds crave for it and breakfast has become my favorite way to start off my day in a healthy way. Many yummy dishes can be prepared in a moment’s time with a few ingredients added with Kellogg’s Cornflakes and minimum effort.
In my neighborhood Guptaji’s family cooks different types of innovative yummy and delicious breakfast adding Kellogg’s Cornflakes in their recipes. We keep getting the delicious aroma of their recipes like baked cookies, Ladoos, cornflake popcorn clusters, cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin, Cornflakes chidwa, Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes Sitafal Cornflakes, Cornflakes Khatta Moong, Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos, combined with crushed cornflakes, chopped nuts, condensed milk, and clarified butter. My taste buds awakens and my steps automatically walks to Guptaji’s home to taste the tastiest “NASHTA” filled with the goodness of wheat, corn, rice and oats (Kellogg’s Cornflakes). Sometimes I wonder whether Mrs. Gupta is a housewife or a wonderful master chef. She cooks separate nashta for each and every occasion. A single bowl of her hearty healthy breakfast is enough to charge me up till lunch. My mouth is already salivate. Finally it is unveiled from where and how can we get right nutritious breakfast. I wish I would have paid more attention to my breakfast earlier in my life. Nowadays as a good housewife, I always remember to include Kellogg’s Cornflakes in all my breakfast recipes.
But still on Sundays I do visit Guptaji’s home to taste four to five recipes from the menu of her 100 tasty nutritious and recipes. Nowadays my motto is “ Din ki shuruwat @Guptaji ke naashte ke saath”. In my neighbourhood each and everyone eagerly waits to get invited by Guptaji and have a taste of tastiest, healthier and yummy delicious breakfast. Guptaji’s home is synonymous to achcha naashta or @Guptaji ke Ghar Kellogg’s wala naashta. It is the only destination for everyone to have a nutritious breakfast.
To be summed up Kellogg’s Cornflakes is the best breakfast for the entire family.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Be simplest to be Happy!

 Happiness! It is something that exists within us. It is like a butterfly, when we chase it, it eludes but when we turn our attention to other things, it comes and sit softly on our lap. It is the spiritual experience of living each and every moment with love and gratitude. To me real happiness is to follow the motto, “Love all, get loved by all.” Happiness helps us to life to the fullest, and help make the world a better place for us and others too.
True happiness is to live and enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. Happiness always consists in giving and serving others. Satisfaction is the greatest source of satisfaction in life. Mastery of passions brings happiness.
These are the simplest things that make me happier:
Just a glimpse of red rose makes me happier.
 Birds singing on a tree makes me happier.
When I send blessings to others, it instantly comes back to me and makes me more happier, as we all know that life is not all about receiving: but it is all about giving.
Whenever I am alone, I smile continuously and it makes me happy.
Making my bed at home takes two minutes and makes me happy.
Bring every room back to ready provides mind boosting happiness.
When I feel lonely, I recall my positive moments and wrapped up with extreme happiness.
Taking the trash out of my husband’s office expecting nothing in return creates strong and healthy relationship contributes to my happiness.
Saying “thank You” to any one of my loved ones brings happiness.
Inviting siblings, friends or relatives and spending time with them brings happiness to me.
Spending money on new things and gifting it to loved ones boosts up happiness.
My heart feels happy when I forgive others and gave them a chance to rectify their mistake.
Participating in any contest gives me happiness and winning it doubles my happiness.
Cooking PIZZA, PASTA, PUCHKA, PAW BHAJI, or ALOO DUM for my son gives 100% happiness to me.
Watching movie or play in a theatre or listening to old songs gives me happiness.
Sewing Clothes for Krishna-Radha’s Idol with my mother-in-law is the booster happiness for both my mind and soul.
Playing with kids or singing bhajans in satsang creates a happy environment.
A visit to an orphanage and distributing sweets and stationaries to orphans brings happy feeling to my heart.
A Facebook chat with a friend staying abroad creates happy moments to preserve.
Loving myself and forgiving myself awakens sleeping happiness within me.
Taking any type of responsibility in any social work brings meaningful happiness to me and society also.
And above all, viewing cricket match with friends and family, combined with coca-cola party brings contentment full of joy and opens HAPPINESS.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pessimism to Optimism!

Ninety thousand, two hundred and thirty three days. That’s how many days that I have to choose from. How could I pick one that’s my most memorable one.
The day I turned sweet sixteen and met my first love? The day I bought my first pet? The day I won a prestigious award? The day I won the best student award? The day when my daughter taught me so many rules to avoid pessimism?
I have narrated this incident on countless occasions as it really made the difference in my life. I was walking from mountains to valley. In the meantime I saw a monk working in the field. I went near to him and we talked to each other for a while. Then I asked him, Can you tell me the way to the village in the valley and what it is all like? Then he asked me that the way I am coming from was what type? I answered, “Terrible” I slept on the dirty places on the raw earth, nobody can understand my language and no vegetarian food. The weather was also not so good. The monk replied that the way to village I am going is as much the same. Then I lie down in the field under a tree to have a rest and closed my eyes.
In the meantime to my surprise my friend came from the same place of my village and he asked the same question to the monk.  The monk asked him how was the way he is coming from?
He told that he is coming from the same place I have come. He replied that he enjoyed the way till now. “It was really Awesome” the man replied, Nobody can spoke my language but I communicate using my hands, eyes and expressions of my face. I slept on dirty floor but it was so cool and gave me a good sleep. I ate their local food, some sort of stew. I enjoyed their local conditions and it was my best experience of my life. The monk replied that the way to valley is as much the same.
I had heard the talks between my friend and the monk and learnt the lesson that Our life depends ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we respond to our situations. We should not allow hard time and challenges of life to take away our happiness and joy. We should always be optimistic.
We can make out lots of reasons to be miserable. At the same time there are many-many reasons to be happy, joyful and enthusiastic if we retain optimism and right attitude.


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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Start a new life!

#StartAnewLife Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. A Secret DVD changed my life.
This world as we have created it is just a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our own thinking.
I am happy and grateful and this is the first time in my life that I mean it and feel it. My son was hospitalized because of a Dengue fever. His situation was terrible and not a single doctor was convincing me for a secured treatment. The whole day I was with him and crying all the time. I was really down, not only because I saw him like that, but he had his annual exam to give that month only. A friend of mine THE secret DVD, since then everything changed in my life. Instantly I stopped crying, heard that ear catching music, laughed a lot with him and also with the hospital staff. I spend lot of time playing “antakshari” and many indoor games which he can play at bed. After two weeks of high fever and antibiotics, they decided to release him. Then they gave one more day if the fever would drop.
That day I was extremely happy and told everybody in the family that tomorrow we will leave the hospital because he has no fever. Finally I packed our all the things, and dressed him with his favourite clothes, waiting to receive the papers to leave the hospital. The nurse came to check my son’s fever, she checked mine also, and she was shocked that now I had a fever! His fever was transferred to me because of my prayers. So that does not matter and the next day we went for home!!!
After two days he has to sit for his final examinations, he sat and stood first in his class…….a wonderful result. Now everything in my life was changed.
I was so happy and graceful to GOD and I thank God each and every moment ……..In the morning when I wake up, I thank everybody related to me every day. A special thanks to my special friend who has given me that secret DVD which has made a drastic change in my life.
I have a picture of my friend engraved in my heart and I wish I could give him a big kiss and tell him a GREAT THANKS……….He is my Angel!!!  He is my God…SHYAM
This incident happened a few years back. Now I am 56 years old, married with two wonderful children, a son-in- law and a caring husband. I am determined to be cheerful and happy in every awkward situation I may find myself. For I have learned that mostly our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstances but by our attitude and thinking.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Dry baby, happy baby!

Parents are role models of their children and it is more important that how we spend time with them in a creative way doing all silly, sweet and fun things. A warm attached relationship with mother develops good abilities especially to sons. We should behave like a relaxed parent. Our parenting style is very important to develop child’s personality.

These are the silly things that make my kids feel happy and fills them with fun and sweet smiles.
My husband lies down on the floor like a horse and my kid sits on the top of his back. “TIK_TIK GHODA” are the words uttered by my husband and my kid enjoys the ride like anything.
Sometimes joking with my toddler helps to lighten up the moments and set them for social success. When my kids we, parents joke and pretend, it gives the innovative tool to my kids think in a creative way. When my kid do not know what to do I ask him to show his toys. Maybe together I can find something fun to do. I help him to pick up each toy and speed up the process of finding the right toy, he want to play. It at least kill a bit of time and keeps him engaged.
Some time I play freeze dance. Take turns being the person in charge of the music, then turn the music on and off. When it is off, stop. When it comes back on, dance! This is very interesting
I also play sardines. Sardines is the opposite of hide and seek. It is also very very interesting.
Sometimes I tickle my child and he laughs like anything. This one I like the most.

When he goes to sleep I sung different types of “LORI” for him to make him a sweet dream sleep. The most important thing is that I never forget to make him wear PAMPERS dry diapers which gives him 12 hours of @leaklock @protection. Pampers dry diapers are really trustworthy.
These diapers are unique in design and stylish. These are infused with Aloevera lotion and prevents any type of rashes. And my baby’s skin is totally free from any type of skin irritation. These diapers are smooth and gives cotton like softness. It also does not block air circulation and stays fresh and not smelly. It fits comfortably to every kid whether he is playing or sleeping.
When he stands or falls pressure on the diaper can interrupt his fun. Pampers dry diapers provides a super world class comfortable fit with 5 star skin protection. It gives my baby to play freely longer without any interruption.
I really thanks pampers for making us (parents) free of hassle during sleep or playing with children.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Look Up Stories!

Optimism is an attitude that keeps us centered on what is good about our past, present situation or about our future. In this vast world lovely and pleasurable things exists alongside painful and losing: Optimism is the consciousness that selects and focus only on good things.
Optimism gives us energy: It makes our working tasks and efforts feel worthwhile.We are awarded in the end only because some of our efforts may fail, and others may succeed. We cannot make out and can’t know ahead of time, which are which. But one thing is sure that when we are optimistic we are more happier and more satisfied. We can help people how to be happy and hopeful too.

I can remember an instance long back. I know a good looking young man always muttered at his bad luck, penniless and homeless. He frowned all days and use bad words for the Lord also. One day my wise senior husband came across to talk to him. Hey young man, why are you so unhappy ? This is your young golden age. He answered that he cannot understand why he is always so poor. My husband sincerely said, “Poor? I think you are very wealthy ! the young man was puzzled hearing the word, “WEALTHY”. He asked him, “Why are you saying this.?”
My husband asked , ‘Suppose if I offer you one crore rupee to cut your finger off, Will you do that ? “No, not at all” was the answer. Suppose I offer you one crore rupees to cut your leg off. Will you do that and take the rupees ?  Certainly not ! the young man replied confidently. If I offer 2 crore rupees to scoop out your beautiful shiny eyes. Will you allow me to do that ? No, Not at all. Now my husband offered him ten crore rupees to exchange their age ---19 v/s 90. The young man replied, No, I will not agree,  Lastly my husband asked, ‘Suppose someone offers you hundred million rupees to take your life right away. Will you do that ?’
 ‘Absolutely, not !’ the young man replied. My wise senior husband  said with a smile, ‘ That’s right. You have already possessed more than hundred crores wealth. Why are you still lamenting  on you luck or being so poor ? You came with bare hands, Youwill leave with bare hands either. Even though You have owned a kingdom of wealth, a strong good , beautiful body . Just Use your Body and mind in good cause and you will be the wealthiest man in the world. Nothing we can take with us when the time comes. The real wealth is concealed in our innermost. If only we have our hearts at the right places, If only we do the right things at the right times, If only we are content with what we are having, we are never being poor ! Happiness is to the one who is content ! ’ After listened to the wise senior husband’s saying, it dawned upon him at last.
========================================= The more kindness and happiness  we spread and leave  behind, the more harmony we will have in our world. I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world, aworld full of happiness, hope and all good things.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao!

We all know that self-reliance is very important key that motivates our behaviour, Self reliant person survive and function better in society than those who are dependent on others for happiness.

I love the simple truths contained in the welfare principles as taught by my family members since the world began, and I never tire of speaking about them. Today I shall speak to you about the principle of self-reliance and its impact upon my spiritual development and a better grown-up self reliant person.
This great principle does not deny to the needy nor to the poor the assistance they should have. The wholly incapacitated, the aged, the sickly are cared for with all tenderness, but every able-bodied person like me is enjoined to do his utmost for himself to avoid dependence, if his own efforts can make such a course possible; to look upon adversity as temporary; to combine his faith in his own ability with honest toil; to rehabilitate himself and his family to a position of independence; in every case to minimize the need for help and to supplement any help given with his own best efforts.
I believe that persons of rigorous faith, genuine courage, and unfaltering determination, with the love of independence burning in their hearts, and pride in their own accomplishments, cannot surmount the obstacles that lie in their paths.
My parents know that through humble, prayerful, industrious, God-fearing lives, a faith can be developed within me by the strength of which I can call down the blessings of a kind and merciful Heavenly Father and literally see my handicaps vanish and my independence and freedom established and maintained making me better and more self-reliant.
My parents provided me with these services which helped me to become self reliant------
1. Safe-stable living accommodation.
2. Basic life skill building. Establish positive relationship with peers and adults.
3; Make right decisions and manage stress.
4. Educational oppurtunities and vocational education training.
5. Assistance in job preparation, such as career counseling.
6. Mental health care.
7. Physical health care health assessment and emergency treatment
8. Key benefits of HDFC Life, “SAR UTHA KE JIYO” -------
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Protect your family from uncertainties even if you’re not there
Earn guaranteed reversionary bonuses on your investment
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Enjoy tax benefits#

I have been counseled by my parents to earn my own way, thereby becoming self-reliant since the beginning of my life. It is easy to understand the reason why my parents placed so much emphasis on this principle and I come to understand that it is tied very closely to freedom itself.
SAR UIHA KE JIYO ultimately contributed me making a happier person as a wife,  mother, friend or any type of role.