Sunday, 10 July 2016

Growth is Essential..

We, parents wants to give the best nutrition to our children. Especially I try my best to cook healthy and nutritious food for my family majority of time, so that I feel good and it will supply more energy to my kids and family. I try to eat organic and give nutritious supplements like Horlicks to my family. Even I drink Horlicks made especially for women. Still I am not too strict and I also take care of the taste buds.

Now, even after taking utmost care for your child and loved ones, sometime for random reason there are issues of growth in child. A child acts as a heartbeat to both mother and father. So if there is any kind of issues in heartbeat, it’s time to get really serious. By saying it’s time to get serious, it means the issue needs to be looked into urgently and a solution to the same has to be found out.

When a child has lost growth, it means he or she is lagging behind others. It’s a deep issue if thought from a psychological point of view. The child may just start feeling inferior to his her or her friends and start having a defeating feel inside him. The feel of defeat or inferior complex inside a child at a younger age isn’t good at all. It’ll spoil child’s present as well as future. It is really hard to recover from such immense mental loss. Moreover, it’s not only child’s loss, the parents suffer more. Even though parents are matured enough to understand but still in this hectic life, it takes pressure to handle it.

The child is anyway exposed to outside world at a very young age. Once people start mocking or making fun a young child, it impacts the child a lot. We have take the initiative to keep the child motivated and happy.

Hence, it is necessary to keep a serious check on child’s growth on regular basis. It can be done through various activities on a day to day basis. There are too many factors on which a child’s growth depend on.

Eating, exercising, diet, physical activities, mental activities etc, there are many things to keep check on.
In this fast running world, each and every activity cannot be checked by parents because they themselves are busy with work and also maintaining their own health. For the convenience of the parents and to help the child grow, Horlicks comes up with a product called Horlicks Growth + which helps child get back his growth.

Now, Horlicks has been doing wonders over the years making healthy and nutritious drink for child and everyone else too. It’s like a natural doctor for most Indians and many worldwide.

Horlicks has helped children avoid lost growth and maintain their growth consistently. It’s because of Horlicks that so many parents worldwide can be stress free regarding the growth of their child. Horlicks is like second parents to the child.

Consistency is Horlicks.

We love you Horlicks