Sunday, 23 February 2014

Why So Serious?

I have had loads of #ConditionSeriousHai moments in my life and I would love to thank Indiblogger and 5 star to give me such a opportunity to write such fun stuff.

This was the moment of my life where #ConditionSeriousHai boss moment happened. It was my Class 12's board examination going on. It was all good doing until the last examination day arrived. I was too excited as it was my last examination and the excitement lead to something #Serious. When I reached my examination hall, I found out 2 of my friends in a very #Serious mood. I walked upto them and asked whats the reason. They had forgotten to bring along their Admit Cards without which it's not possible to sit for examination. In order to relax them I gave them few solutions and made them have chocolates.

Suddenly when I was about to enter the examination hall, I myself realized that I didn't bring the Admit Card myself. One of friends also realized with me that she also didnt had. She got way too serious and started crying. On contrary I was taking it simple and cooling things down for her too. With her I straight went to Principal of the school and told her that I had left my admit card in the school premises last examination day. Principal's #ConditionSeriousHai . In a surprised state, she told me that "Don't worry, I'll find out and give you. In the mean time you start your examination."

I hurriedly went to hall and started writing. Well, I knew I had left my Admit card at home so quitely I just sent a text to my mom saying please bring along the Admit Card with you right now to the centre.
I comfortably gave the examination. My Admit card arrived after a while and it was all good.

My friend and the Principal were in #ConditionSeriousHai. I managed to make a really cool situation out of that serious one.

Life isn't to be lived seriously, Enjoy Life and Have Fun!
Be serious, be fool!
Be funny, be cool!

 After reaching my centre, I found out that I have forgottten my Admit Card at home only.