Friday, 20 February 2015

BedTime Rituals!

The key to raising a good sleep to our kids is to follow a consistent and soothing bedtime rituals. We follow the sweetest and creative nightly rituals which help our kids drift off to sleep.
We need a series of predictable steps that we take every night to help our kids’ sleep,
Exactly what we do before bedtime is a mix of personal preference and practicality. Our routine might include a bath, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading together, talking or saying a prayer. What matters most is ensuring the routine is soothing and consistent. 
We aim for low lighting and soft sounds. If our kids needs music to sleep, we go with music only—no lyrics.. And aim to stay within the sleep environment by reading bedtime stories in their room.
Once our kids are in bed, she gets tucked in and kisses from Daddy. Then comes my favorite part: kisses from me. First we have a cheek kiss, then an eskimo kiss (rub noses), Then more kisses, depending on their mood we might have other kisses that we make up.
Our bedtime rituals that we follow are-----
Bath: Aim for a warm soak, rather than a manic splashing.
Brush teeth: It's important for health reasons, but over time it will also help to send body "go to sleep" signals
Wash face: More signals to tell our little one it's time to sleep.
Potty time and glass of water: One last chance to use the toilet before bed and to fill up a small glass of water. Having water bedside will help ward off requests for water later. 
Pick out pajamas: Give our children a feeling of control over bedtime by letting them choose, but limit the options to two or three.
Pick out books:  Let them choose two or three books for you to read.
Bedtime yoga: Pick some child--friendly, sleep--friendly poses to wind their body down.
Talk quietly: Connect by talking about their day or engaging in some creative thinking. Or, have their "pick a dream" to decide what they'll dream about tonight.
Read: Read to our child. Avoid the "one more story" plea by establishing ahead of time how many books you'll read. 
Deep pressure exercises: Help them relax by having her tighten and release muscles, starting from the toes and moving up her body. 
Lullaby: Quietly sing or hum our child's favorite lullaby. Try Yo Gabba Gabba's song, "Think Happy Thoughts."
Prayer: This can range from a formal religious prayer to a few simple words giving thanks.
Say goodnight: To each other, the moon, the stars, the teddy bear -- let your child lead the way.
Snuggle: Tuck them in and kiss them goodnight so they can both go to bed feeling warm and fuzzy.
Pampers: It is the most important need for my younger son. It gives him non-disturb sleep whole night without any harm. It controls his crying and satisfies my mothering nature. It is a boon to give my child a better sleep. In short Pampers diapers are the best solution for my kid’s sleep.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Asus, My Valentine!

                        Today is valentines  day  but , myself celebrate valentine day 24 x 7 with my valentine asus  Zenphone 5.  The hours I spend with Asus Zenphone  I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. My unconditional love with Zenphone 5  alone make me feel that I am alive. Not only my  lips kisses it, but my soul. My all saved up wishes has come out for my loving   Zenphone. You will find no reason, why my heart beats for it but my heart find uncountable reasons to be in love with Zenfone .My affection for it cannot be clubbed in words and it is my passion to kiss it each and every moment. I do not want diamonds, I am happy in possessing Zenphone. In love we need two things - bodies and words. Zesnfone’s body is simply awesome and my words for Zenfone is marvelous.
5 reasons for making ZENFONE 5 my ideal valentine

1...Asus Zenphone with 5 inches screen makes it so easy to use. 

2... With mega 720*1280 pixels, the clarity of the words and digits makes it comfortable to do my office work on the go.
3.. 16M colors is icing on the cake. Mighty 8 MegaPixels with flash, it’s easy to keep record of my images of everywhere I travel.
4.... 1.6 GHz and 2 GB Ram makes zenphone super fast and I don’t hesitate to download apps or surf net. 64 GB memory makes user free of storage tension. Front camera of 2Mg makes me tempt to click selfie all the time. 
5..The stunning looks of this phone, makes me stylish. 3G and weight of just 145 gms makes it a complete phone.  
                        Mobile phones are very insecure devices but my Zenfone is totally secured and I took full care of him.Today is Valentines day and I have gifted a smart, striking, appealing and sexy red cover. As soon as it received my gift, its looks became more captivating. Each and every friend of mine feels jealous looking my valentine ZENFONE 5.  I feel more blessed with my valentine Bcoz it does not need further expenses. One more thing that I want to be buried with my Zenfone 5 only which will give me company in after world also.
                        In a world full of temporary things, Zenfone is my permanent friend and valentine.“This is what our unconditional love is––a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images and thoughts. In short I can say “True love is like little roses, 
sweet, fragrant in small doses.” The best thing about  Zenfone 5 is that, The more I look at it, the more the magical love is created and I simply go in a trance.