Wednesday, 30 September 2015

King arrived: TATA Sky+ Transfer!

Entertainment World!

Happiness is the first and foremost medicine for a long life. Happiness means you're content and have everything you wish for. Happiness comes from various resources, entertainment being dominant one.


To start with, DTH brought a whole new scenario for TV viewers all over the nation. It was a new technology introduced for which viewers didn't have much idea about. With DTH introduction, came TATA SKY in India. It just positively revolutionised the whole concept of TV viewing in this nation. It brought along crystal clear clarity in viewing, unimaginable features, plus games etc. It was just irresistible to stop oneself from getting hands on Tata Sky. It had everything, be it for kids or youngsters  or a housewife or a businessman or old age grandparents. It was just a whole package. People never imagined such a experience with TV. It was something special for everyone and everyone paid respect to the special by grabbing hands on it instantly.

Stress Buster!

These days people lead a very busy life, no one has extra time for entertainment. Hectic schedule, tiring day and a stressed mind are part of quotidian life. Entertainment acts as stress buster for everyone but sadly people just cannot afford time for it. Television is a medium
 of entertainment which permits millions of people to be free with the dark feeling of desolation.

                Never ending dreams                                          World of movies, soap, sports!

For everyone like us who just dreamt of watching favorite TV daily soap, movie, music or sports etc, in daily life remained a dream for years but here today we are relieved finally. Our dreams are now shown a door to fulfill it. Our dream has become a reality, thanks to Tatasky Transfer. We can do whatever we wished for. Watch Daily Soaps, movie, listen to music or watch sports at our own will and convenient time. No regrets in life anymore or forced by time limits to watch a particular favorite on Television.


The magic is here. The problem solver, the stress buster, the savior, the king of all; "TATASky Transfer" is launched and it has blessed all of us with something we desired for years. As GITA, the foremost school of human beings develops our soul spiritually, this STB relaxes our mind into peace and gives happy-happy feeling.


My Tata Sky Recording Box!

I, being a sport and movie lover at times just go mad at missing important matches and movies. It just spoils my mood and I cannot find a way out to solve my issue. For a moment I thought my problem got solved when TATASky+ was launched and I could record my desired sports event and movies. I instantly bought it and started recording my favorites.But then I realized that recordings has just kept as  history books and I'm unable to allocate time from my schedule to sit in front of TV and watch my recordings.

Again the same monotonous life began. No entertainment, no stress buster. Only work, work and work. Home and Work. That's all that existed in routine life.My sadness only grew with time because of my unparalleled passion for sports in particular and movies in general. I am mad for sports and love watching movies.

Now came a blessing to me in the form of #TATASky Transfer . This is it. The wait is over. I can do whatever I wish to. I can watch all my favorite sports events and liked movies at my preferred time and wish. My happy days have started. TATASky Transfer is a dream come true. What else does one wishes for. All my favorite programmes are transfered and enjoyed.

Anywhere anytime I can watch my recordings. Be it in my mobile, laptop or any other device. It gives me full freedom. I can watch my recording while travelling to office or going to super market.. The intelligent flexibility it has given to daily hectic schedule is simply superb. It has given another reason to love Tata Sky.

Moreover, even if at home, no one needs to fight over TV remote anymore. All can be happy watching their favorite liked entertainment source though their mobile phones, PC, Tablet etc. One introduction of technology from TATASky and it has killed hundreds of daily life problems of common people.

When we are busy in our daily hectic schedules, we can't find time for our own self. We cannot watch live sports matches, comedy shows, reality shows or an entertaining movie. It is the only innovative answer to get in touch to our favorite programmes outside the home. We can give command to record and transfer our desired programme from anywhere and this STB will execute it. Wow!  As nutritious breakfast is a fuel to our body, this magical and amazing box gives fuel to our stressful mind and soul.

Let us (Me & Tata Sky Transfer) always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. As a flower cannot blossom without sunshine, our TV cannot live or survive without 
. It is a tool invented and sharpened by Tata Sky to make our life's entertainment easier. In short, it is a great and powerful invention,a boon to us.

TATA SKY Transfer plus is just salvation.
Spreads happiness, spreads smiles, brings joy, takes breadth and gives dream experience.