Sunday, 30 April 2017


My  Red Tape story:

Love at First Sight………

Yes…I knew that most of us don’t believe it at all. But definitely  a moment comes in our lives and need to accept that we are wrong, like it happened to both. the moment they looked each other for the first time they fall in love. Their eyes looked each other inch by inch and the girl beauty drawn his attention completely/ On the other hand smart and rocking #RedtapeShoes transform her body language and attitude It lift her emotionally. And it was the moment when both of them were in a trance and drowned in endless love. They promised each other to live together forever. The guy looked like as he was looking to an angel and the girl felt as she has got a Godly friend in her life. Finally both of  them sat in a single car and went for a long long drive.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Half glass full or empty? It's Half Glass!

Relationships: A word defining life.

Everything we do in life is by creating a relationship. Our human body itself works on relationship between different organs.

Coming to relationships between humans, we are aware of the most famous and the infamous. Be it the love story of Romeo Juliet or the rivalry of India-Pakistan, it all comes down to relationships.

Now in regard to specifically the "Half-Girlfriend", it's a bit emotional and a soft part to touch.

In this world of women coming out of home more than often, going for education and work, the rise of women if we opt to say so, has given doors to loads of relationships. Some of them being a really fulfilling one and some being half.

Half relationships are those where mostly one is interested and the other not. At times, it may so happen that both interested but fail to convey. In this racing fast world, people have become more career oriented than relationships. The botheration with own career reaches such a level that some real special relationships gets destroyed.
“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

I'm aware of my friends relationship. They both met in school and started loving since then. Mutually they both had great affection and respect for each other but as school passed by, there relationship started fading away. Different courses, different schemes, different colleges. Everything seemed to fell apart. The boy being a loyalist only had more love for the girl but some for reason girl didn't behave the same way. Probably she had the same love but her obsession with own career forced her to act otherwise and the boy felt depressed.

"Half relationship came into play."

I haven't seem a cuter lovable couple than them but for some reason things started not to work. They hardly spoke to each other, the promises kept started breaking way too often, the free communication and feelings expressed were no more. Both being in love, loving each other madly but still hanging around the half way mark of relationship or you say the half-girlfreind. This being a very peculiar case of a Half-Girlfriend compelled me to write about them. I have known both of them for too long to know that both are innocent and can never betray each other. It's just that loss of thin line of communication which had left a a gap between them converting it into full relationship again.

The fact that I never had to face such a situation, I might be able to get that feeling practically but since two of my very close friends are going through this, I do understand the sorrow both of them face in there lives.

My wishes are with them to get back in happy terms and get me into writing the sequence of this, The Full Glass!

Thank You,