Sunday, 25 March 2018

Amrit, water, life!

Save Water, Save Life is the most important slogan in our daily life. We should be aware of #CuttingPani in our day to day life. A drop can make an ocean and it can finish it also, if wasted. So Every drop of water matters. We can save drops and drops of water in every sphere of our life.
I have installed water saving shower-heads and ultra low flush toilets. Even I am using septic tank system, where we need minimum water to flush toilet. I regular check leakage in faucets, pipes and toilets and mend it immediately without fail.  I rinse all my vegetables once in a day in a full water pan, so no need to wash vegetables again and again. The water in which vegetables are washed is used in my kitchen garden.  I wash my clothes when my washing machine is fully loaded without wasting a single drop. If clothes are less, then I wash them in a bucket using low foam detergent powder. I rinse my clothes once instead of twice or thrice. I turn off the tap brushing my teeth or shaving done by my husband.  I use bucket full of water instead of hose pipes to clean my car or something else.
I use bottles of drinking water, so water is saved. As we drink in glasses, water remaining in drinking glasses is wasted.
I have also installed rainwater tanks to conserve rain water, as it can be used in cleaning or in toilets or to serve thirsty birds also.
·        I have taught my kids to respect water as it is life. Without water, there is no life. If we are in the habit of saving water, it is a act of respect to our mother earth. Conserving water is helpful during emergencies such as drought water contamination or any type of mechanical failures.
We must create a bright future, save water for our environment and for future generations. Moreover, the world water day is on 22nd March, the annual day to raise awareness of water supply issue around the globe.

I must thank LIVPURE creating awareness in our life to save water.  Initiative by Livpure, #CuttingPani, save water, initiative, Livpure, water