Friday, 21 June 2013

Be Human! Be happy!

When it comes to Women/Girls, feelings of fear, awe and despair comes in minds of people(human). By mentioning human in bracket I mean people with proper sense, people who know responsibility of being a citizen of the country, knowing that Women are to respected and not a tool to be played with. Today, when I myself think of my girl, variety of thoughts creeps into my mind. I get afraid letting my girl go out of home alone irrespective of the fact that it is day or night. Day by day wrong happenings with women/girls have been increasing at a tremendous alarming rate. Certain section of society treats women like a tool to play with. They just don't know what stature does a women holds in society. It's only because of  few spoiled people who destroy whole of human society. I would like to make a strong appeal to the whole of society to change the ongoing scenario and make this society for women to live peacefully and not with the fear that a gang of boys with fool out with them. For this to implement, everyone has to come foward and unitedly confront the situation. Whenever you are seeing a boy/men trying to play out with the girl on road or anywhere, go and support the girl; don't just be a spectator and watch the dramatic scene. Go ahead and support and fight for justice. Just sitting at home stupidly reading the newspapers or watching news channels telecasting women being victim won't help. You have to get up and take the responsibility. Everyone thinks "What will happen if only me stands up against it?". No, it's wrong thinking. Small stones build up to mountain. Every individual coming up and fighting for it will mount to unity and strength to remove unjust with women. Every night when you sleep, make a promise that yes if anything wrong happens I'll fight for justice and support the women. Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself of promise that you made.
Steps are to taken urgently and with total unity. You have make women aware of the ways they can avoid unjust with them. The precautionary measure, the ways they can handle if alone, the measure to be taken beforehand. Everything counts. Everyday make a promise that I'll do something that'll help a women to be safe. This environment is dirty for women, we together need to make it a neat and clean for women to live peacefully. If a women is late at night from returning from office or any other place, tell her that the moment she sits in taxi/auto or any other public transport; that very moment she should inform the number of the vehicle to her family. This would create a fear in the mind of the driver and he wouldn't have courage to do any wrong. The last statement was just an example. These sought off measures are to spread to the women at large. Everyone needs to know the precautions and measure. I would like to conclude by saying that please do make a promise everyday for doing something good for women and making this environment a safe one to live in. I personally make a promise that everyday I'll atleast make 1 women aware of precautionary measure to be safe.

Kitchen's of India's Royal Party

Rishi is my only son. He turned Eighteen recently and we held a birthday party for him The party began at about three in the afternoon. There were about 18 children gathered in our house. They were all dressed in  A-la-carte party code , in their best clothes. Everyone, especially Rishi, wore a happy smile.
They gave  presents to him and he happily opened them. It was really very exciting to receive all those presents.
After that I  served them soft drinks and delicious recipes from Kitchens of India, like samosa and aloo tikkis. They then played some games like "Musical Chairs" and "Treasure Hunt". The winners were given prizes.
At about four-thirty I brought out the birthday cake. It was beautifully decorated with blue and white icing.All  eighteen colorful candles sat in the middle of the cake. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Rishi after which he blew out the candles and cut the cake. We clapped out hands eagerly.
We helped ourselves to slices of the delicious cake. Then we continued our games.But the most promising thing was that each and every recipe was tasty and irresistible.
Dinner recipes were Chole-bhathure, Hyderabadi biryani, Dal makhani, bread roll, matar pohe stuffed paratha, stuffed bhindi, navratan korma and many more. Moong dal halwa, The Royal desert from kitchens of India added spice to the party.  All the recipes were mind blowing
Finally at about nine in the evening the party came to an end. We were all tired but happy.  I Clean up the mess we made.Hats off to ITC's kitchens of india recipes which made the party more tasty,  lively and memorable.

Kitchens of India.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

Imagination is the beginning of creation .It ­­­not only rules the world but it is more important than knowledge. I, myself have always conflict between science v/s GOD, spirits v/s ghosts. So let me imagine chatting with “GOD” itself along with “Souls” and “Ghosts”. Not a single civilization has ever existed without some sort of religion or our ancestors. Next is our “Ancestors” or in another word we call them monkeys.  And the last one I will pick is my only “Son”, who is now getting ready to face the world soaring higher and higher.
I was chatting with God about our origin, he told me that we came from monkeys through a process called evolution and the most helpful dominate traits are passed on to following generations. Then the monkey (ancestors) asked the GOD about his existence as, “why he is monkey till date, and not a human?”. Then Soul replied that last she was in a monkey’s body but now upcoming new body she is about to get is of a great human industrialist. Now monkey’s question was answered but my son was full of queries. He asked different types of questions from GOD, Soul, Ghost, Monkey, me and from Robot- a man of artificial intelligence.
Myself and my son asked the robot, “How can it manage his skills and actions without emotions?” Robot replied, “My meta-knowledge and meta-communicative skills allows me to behave and interact intelligently better than human emotions.
Second question asked to God from my son was, “How will I get courage to turn my hopeful dreams into reality?”. Answer given was, “Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani
It means that you perform your actions but do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions.                                                         
Then ghost asked, “Why is he roaming here and there without any ‘Body’?” God answered, “You have betted to your friend that God is nothing and you can do everything”. This happened to make you feel my existence. Now you are free to enter in a new body.
My son asked me, “Should I study only for passing the exams?”
I was about to reply but in the meantime God replied, “If ever a student studies for the sole purpose of passing the examination , in the end he has not learned anything even if he has passed. But if he studies as his duty, he needn’t to worry.
Now soul questioned, “When will I get moksha?” God replied, “It will take time which diminishes bad deeds and overflowing of your good deeds can only give moksha”.
I asked one question to everyone, “Can I see you (GOD, soul, ghost, ancestor,) all with my naked eye?” There was no answer to this question but chat was still on.
Chat with dead body-soul of a human and ghost who knows almost everything, can answer almost any question I may have about life. I got answers and explanations about several “mysteries” I came to know what happens in the afterlife chatting with God. Good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished and other thing s that science can’t explain like how civilizations separated by thousands of miles and huge barriers, like oceans, having no contact between each other.
 The chimpanzee is the last common ancestor of human. It is natural to think of us “more evolved” but is not true in scientific sense. We are simply adapted to a different environment. It allows us extraordinary degree of success, and the ability to live in environment that our ancestors couldn’t. I was aware of all these during the chat only.
My son in this group chat gained a lot of information. I chat with different participants who all have very limited knowledge of each other.  While chatting, each and every body shares its basic information, but during our chat we didn’t conceal about our actual reality. We detach and attach our minds with each other and have a new experience. Now we believe in everything as this chat helped us to know each other mentally, physically and spiritually. We also attached to sacred romance and Godly love through this chat.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

It is ultimately a very satisfying chat project to be involved in. It’s something more interesting from any other recreation. It is sure to make a difference in me and my son’s life. As I’m a valid participant in this contest and my son also get rid of those fears from soul, spirits and ghosts, which are the stumbling blocks on the path of psychic development. We also attached to sacred romance and Godly love through this chat.

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