Saturday, 7 May 2016

It's all about sharing..

In India eighty percent of population still think that household chores is only a woman's job. Washing clothes is the work done by women since so many years. Men always shy away from responsibilities at home like washing clothes , cooking, washing utensils and all. It is a common habit of all men to run away from household chores. We should deep route this prejudice and we should provide right message of equality to our next generation. But Nowadays ARIELMATIC #ShareTheLoad has bought a new innovation in washing clothes. It says that it is important for men to share the load of washing clothes with women in sharing basis of odd-even days. It gives a feeling of equality. Arielmatic has given a big support in making our laundry so simple. We do not have to struggle a lot in washing clothes. All stains and dirt washes away within one wash. 

Arielmatic washing powder has forced us to rethink predefined gender roles. #ShareTheLoad campaign is a shining example to make us move toward a gender free nuetral society. Stereotype parenting has come to an end. Father should do laundry on odd days and mother can do it on even days. One day gap for male and female. It is the only pack that carries the calender of odd-even days. It is really a boon to women. It has make laundry a fun instead of work load and made our life simpler and easier. 

The launch of Arielmatic washing powder has eliminated the existing prejudices. Nowadays my husband and my son helps me in doing household laundry because Ariel Share the load pack is giving outstanding results effortlessly in no time.