Sunday, 10 July 2016

Growth is Essential..

We, parents wants to give the best nutrition to our children. Especially I try my best to cook healthy and nutritious food for my family majority of time, so that I feel good and it will supply more energy to my kids and family. I try to eat organic and give nutritious supplements like Horlicks to my family. Even I drink Horlicks made especially for women. Still I am not too strict and I also take care of the taste buds.

Now, even after taking utmost care for your child and loved ones, sometime for random reason there are issues of growth in child. A child acts as a heartbeat to both mother and father. So if there is any kind of issues in heartbeat, it’s time to get really serious. By saying it’s time to get serious, it means the issue needs to be looked into urgently and a solution to the same has to be found out.

When a child has lost growth, it means he or she is lagging behind others. It’s a deep issue if thought from a psychological point of view. The child may just start feeling inferior to his her or her friends and start having a defeating feel inside him. The feel of defeat or inferior complex inside a child at a younger age isn’t good at all. It’ll spoil child’s present as well as future. It is really hard to recover from such immense mental loss. Moreover, it’s not only child’s loss, the parents suffer more. Even though parents are matured enough to understand but still in this hectic life, it takes pressure to handle it.

The child is anyway exposed to outside world at a very young age. Once people start mocking or making fun a young child, it impacts the child a lot. We have take the initiative to keep the child motivated and happy.

Hence, it is necessary to keep a serious check on child’s growth on regular basis. It can be done through various activities on a day to day basis. There are too many factors on which a child’s growth depend on.

Eating, exercising, diet, physical activities, mental activities etc, there are many things to keep check on.
In this fast running world, each and every activity cannot be checked by parents because they themselves are busy with work and also maintaining their own health. For the convenience of the parents and to help the child grow, Horlicks comes up with a product called Horlicks Growth + which helps child get back his growth.

Now, Horlicks has been doing wonders over the years making healthy and nutritious drink for child and everyone else too. It’s like a natural doctor for most Indians and many worldwide.

Horlicks has helped children avoid lost growth and maintain their growth consistently. It’s because of Horlicks that so many parents worldwide can be stress free regarding the growth of their child. Horlicks is like second parents to the child.

Consistency is Horlicks.

We love you Horlicks 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

It's all about sharing..

In India eighty percent of population still think that household chores is only a woman's job. Washing clothes is the work done by women since so many years. Men always shy away from responsibilities at home like washing clothes , cooking, washing utensils and all. It is a common habit of all men to run away from household chores. We should deep route this prejudice and we should provide right message of equality to our next generation. But Nowadays ARIELMATIC #ShareTheLoad has bought a new innovation in washing clothes. It says that it is important for men to share the load of washing clothes with women in sharing basis of odd-even days. It gives a feeling of equality. Arielmatic has given a big support in making our laundry so simple. We do not have to struggle a lot in washing clothes. All stains and dirt washes away within one wash. 

Arielmatic washing powder has forced us to rethink predefined gender roles. #ShareTheLoad campaign is a shining example to make us move toward a gender free nuetral society. Stereotype parenting has come to an end. Father should do laundry on odd days and mother can do it on even days. One day gap for male and female. It is the only pack that carries the calender of odd-even days. It is really a boon to women. It has make laundry a fun instead of work load and made our life simpler and easier. 

The launch of Arielmatic washing powder has eliminated the existing prejudices. Nowadays my husband and my son helps me in doing household laundry because Ariel Share the load pack is giving outstanding results effortlessly in no time. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Everything Matters!

P.S.  “I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”

Prejudices are preconceived opinions that are  not based on reason or actual experience. It may be favourable or unfavourable. Prejudices are unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group. In India we are have so many prejudices as household works are to be done by  female members only. They acts like a devil in our community. If my child had prejudice in his head, I'd be ashamed. I would see it as my failure as a parent.  
Actually when I was a kid my grandmother always pushed me to wash clothes or help my mother in cooking or moping the floor etc.  my brother always took interest in cooking but she never allowed him to cook. She used to say that household chores should be completyed by female members only. Whenever I used to study or watch a documentary in T.V, she always interrupt and shift me to household work as cooking or laundering. What should we call it? Is it woman's fate or prejudices. I should tell that we should share the load of household chores jointly. Yes, we woman should campaign about it. There are simple solutions nowadays. As ARIEL powder is there anyone male or female can wash clothes easily with it. It has all cleaning solutions. Our clothes shines as new washed by female or by male member. There are so many readymade cooking masala powders and ready to eat packets in the market. Those male who have little knowledge, they can also cook with these ready masala varients. 
After completing my college, I got married. My life took U turn. Me and me only had to accomplish all household chores. When I became pregnant, my doctor told me to do bed rest. But my mother in law insisted that I have to finish my house work and then only I can go to rest. My husband was also not allowed to help me anyways. It was height of prejudices and in 23 months I had a abortion. Then only I was strict in my next pregnancy and gradually convincedv my in laws to share the load of household work.  
I have now 2 children and both are expert in indoor and outdoor works. These traditional gender differences has taken a back seat . I am proud of my children. I have already laid a foundation stone on these prejudices and Change is in offing

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pending Kasams 2

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

I have a positive vision of my future founded on the belief that the gap between the promise and reality will be filled one day. I believe that. 
Promise is an assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen. In another word it is the quality of potential excellence. It is an indicatation of future excellence. 
We make promises to each other based on our relationship. Today on Women's day we have got a brilliant chance to convey our wish list to our husbands  via BLOGADDA participation in in the SetWet #SadaSexy activity. 
There is no doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed women can change the world. I does not want to change the world but only want the happiness of my family. So just created a wish list to demand from my man on this international womens day. 
I already thought of what kasams and vaadas I will make my man promise. 
First of all I will tell him to spent more time with family. Sometimes enjoying weekend at sea beach or a long holiday at hill station or arrange a get together of all family members. He should also keep an eye on his health. As time is running away he should focus on meditation, natural healing, body massage, spa, sauna bath etc. 
He should recontact with his old friends and spend sometime with them. He should be aware of his personal grooming and he should use beauty and fashion products like SETWET.  He should renovate his wardrobe with new clothes and discard all old clothes, give them to orphanage or poor people. 
As we know women throughout historical and ancient  were considered inferior and had subordinate legal status based on the Confucian law. I will convince him for the equal rights (same as him) . 
Moreover I wish to renovate our home entirely, so I will make him promise to do so as per our son's choice. He should also train his son regarding business so that he will become his right hand in the coming days. 
I know I am expecting much more than anything. It is just because I am willing to do much more than these promises. I have done and if you want me more in your life then just promise to fulfill my wish list. One thing you must remember, Trust is important and if you agree and promise me, let me know. Bye....

Pending Kasams

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

What are promises or vaadas or kasams? These are unpaid debts. I beleive in this quote, "Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep". 
To make your promise fulfilled by your husband is the sexiest thing in this entire world and being really smart, being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. 
The relation with my husband is a partnership between two people  who promise themselves to use all of their experiences to grow spiritually. We use our emotions to create constructive and joyful and healthy consequences instead of destructive and painful and healthy consequences. 

Where there is Love, it always creates and fulfill promises done.  

Today is Women's day and I am going to enjoy this day very much. I wish my husband convince me of my wish list and promise me to keep it up. 
Firstly I wish for a new car which is due since months. 
Secondly I wish that he shall continue with all the sweet and loving gestures he made earlier to make me feel loved in the start. It is already years of those moments being together. 
Thirdly he should not complain about my shopping bills and he shall be willing to go for shopping with me. In fact he should enjoy shopping with me. 
Fourthly he should not stretch any fight for longer period and go to bed angry.

Fifthly he should not compare my cooking items with the cooking items of his darling mom, as he always wish to eat sweet dishes, which contains more calories and are not easy to digest.

Sixthly he should promise to make Me his priority instead of his Share Market. Each and every moment he hustles to take his deals to the next level. He should feel that this share Market is destroying his relationship with his wife and children. He should find a key to balance his market and family relations. Letting the scales tip too far in Share Market will only lead to disaster.

Seventhly he should not make me feel lose my identity. He should hinder my EGO, myself development as well as my personal growth. We need to be sure that we should grow as individuals alongside each other and not only grow as a couple. May be our relationship is healthy and happy but we two individuals who are bonded together still remain two individuals. Our lives are combined into one but still our hobbies and interests differ.
Eighthly he should use Set Wet #SadaSexy for his hair. It will give a new life to his hair. 
Ninthly he should stick to me till the end (death). I think this is out of our realities and that it’s almost not an ‘actual’ promise we feel like we are making. 60, 70, 80 years down of our life? We do not know what our future will bring? 

Lastly he should promise to keep and maintain the charms of life. Spontaneous candle lit dinners, watching movies, an excited weekend and a bath running in the evening.

He should promise me all my wish list. I am sure he can keep it. He is braver than I believe and stronger than he seems and more smarter than I think.