Monday, 30 November 2015

Soft Skin!

All babies are born with a need to be loved. This mantra also applies with his skin also.  Child’s skin is immature, delicate and soft till age three. It has few defenses against cold, wind, sun, dry air etc. It sometimes prone to red patches and is very easily irritated. Unique and valuable cell potential of baby’s skin is vital to protect. So we need to give it a very special care and use appropriate products.  Here is my tips to ensure baby’s skin soft, smooth, comfortable and flexible day by day.

1.   Massage  -  First of all we should massage his body with baby oil twice or thrice a day. Firstly when he wakes up, secondly in the evening and lastly at sleeping time. Choose the oil which is full of nutrients and nourishes the skin.
2.   Cleaning -  We should clean his body with a bath gel which is specially formulated for baby skin only. We should use baby shampoo for his hair. Showering too much will cause irritation especially if he has sensitive skin. We should apply baby skin lotion twice ( day and night ) which moisturises his skin to some extent.
3.   Block the sun – we should keep our baby out of the sun as much as possible. We should use these items to cover and protect the tender skin of the baby.
Hat, cloth with long sleeves and pants, sunscreen that blocks both ultra violet rays and UVB rays with a sun protection factor of at least 15. Apply sun screen to face and hands only for babies under 6 months. Sunscreen blocks with titanium oxide or zinc oxide might be gentler on skin. Reapply it every 2 hours or after your baby sweats.
4.   Bed – We should use soft bedding with soft cotton bed covers. Blankets and dohars should also be very very soft as per baby skin. If proper soft bed is not given to baby then red rashes can be seen on his body.
5.   Diaper rash – Every baby is going to battle diaper rash at some point. Unrefined coconut oil is a super easy diaper rash cream because it has natural anti-fungal properties to fight with rashes. Also the anti-bacterial qualities of diluted Apple cider Vinegar can be used to heal diaper rash. Diaper rash thrives in dark and moist areas so if we increase air circulation and expose the area it will heal the skin more quickly. Moreover We should use the most soft suitable and smoothest lovable diapers, “Soft Pampers Premium care pants”.
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