Friday, 15 May 2015

Airtel App, Simplifying life!

In this technological world, Airtel has come up with another innovation. It's the AIRTEL App.
We have lakhs and lakhs of different types of app today but certain apps stand out among the rest and this Airtel app is certainly a stand out one.
I downloaded the Airtel App the day I came to know about it and since then it has simplified my life.
I can do everything required with this app. It's simply superb.

Features are endless but special 3 features are below:

1. Offers: Airtel App gives it's customers amazing offers in app. How do they do so ? It's simple. Just shake your phone and you get a new offer. The offers are really good too. Offers not only limited to just talk time or top ups but it gives offers for all other services too. Like 2G internet, 3G internet, roaming offers, local/STD call rates and many more. It's a offer packed app. Earlier one had to search around the internet if any offer available or search the inbox for a offer SMS which Airtel had sent few days back. It was really troubling but now things have been so simplified by this app. All I need to do now is just shake and all offers available are right in front of my eyes. Love this feature.

2. Information: Airtel app has helped me to get all the information available at one pI clace. I get to know about all recharges options at one place. It's so well designed that in a matter of seconds I can check the rates and different type of recharges available now for everything, be it top up or talktime or mobile internet, daily basis packs, night packs, all in one place. Moreover not only about Airtel pospaid or prepaid number but also Airtel broadband and DTH information available too which is just brilliant. I have Airtel broadband too and I had to open website, log in and check the data usage. Now I only to touch airtel app and I have all information about my data usage. If I want to ask for a additional service or complaint regarding anything, just a simple touch in app is all I need to do.

3. "I want to" :  The "I want to" feature in this app is really good. It gives you various options like:
  • buy
  • order
  • pay
  • recharge
  • record
  • view
Now any Airtel user can buy, order, pay, recharge, record(DTH service) and view whatever they want to.

All I would like to say is that Airtel app is really well designed and user friendly one. Big thanks to Airtel for caring for their customers and bringing this app to us. It has helped us a lot.

Go download guys! Link is below. Amazing it is!

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