Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ek Nayi League!

Here we have World Cup winning captain bringing us a league of his own. Legend Kapil Dev who made India win a dream World Cup against all odds and made everyone believe that if you will, you can do anything. Nothing is impossible as word itself says, I M Possible.
Now here he is back with something really interesting, "Ek nayi league". He has made whole country pump up with excitement as he is yet to disclose about this extraordinary league. No one has any idea about it. It must be a revolution among all leagues played till date.

As we can see through his trailer videos for "Ek Nayi League", in all his videos he has expressed his natural love and affection for our nation. He's happily shared his memories with us. He has praised people for what they have achieved in their life and encouraged women in our society to go ahead in life and come out flying colors in the field of sports and other activities. Legend Kapil Dev has always believed in simplicity and it's so evident. The way he speaks and reacts are just in so calm and composed manner.

The whole country is just discussing and keep guessing about what it can be.
I feel Kapil Dev will come up with something as exciting as his cricketing abilities. Something as innovative as his captaincy and something as versatile as his all round capability.
A true legend will have it's own way to create an awesome league. As Kapil Dev once said "The hunger to win must not die... The appetite has to remain big."
His hunger to continue to do new things in life is commendable.

I guess it could be something related to stunts. It'll involve real excitement, it'll be really innovative and it'll test versatility of people. Got to be real exciting and thrilling one.
Stunts tests everything. As Kapil says" Dil se khelego toh hit wicket ho jaoge" so stunts will test real mental abilities of people. I think this league will be different from all kinds of league we have ever known. It'll have it's own specialty and will rule the country and mankind. Kapil Dev was difficult to be dismissed and he has carried on that tag till date. Even today Kapil Dev is ready and running to start a new innings in life. Also, Kapil Dev's bowling was such that anyone could get out in the blink of an eye. And he has maintained the same till date too. Because he's going to get out the poeple in this league by his twists and turns.

Really excited for this upcoming league. Can't wait for it to begin and watch Legend Kapil Dev back on pitch again.

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