Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother, synonym of GOD!

My mother, my GOD!

Today I'm what I'm only because of my mother. She has just done everything. I just couldn't even dream of things which she has done for me.
My all life is a memory with my mom. Each second of my life is a memory with my mom. I go beyond words to express my love and respect for her.

Sharing one of my memories. I'm very passionate when it comes to playing Table Tennis. I love playing table tennis whenever I make out idle time. One fine day I came to know about a Table Tennis tournament  happening in m city. I got so excited. I reached home and searched in internet about the venue and other details of the tournament. I was eligible to take part in the tournament but the only issue was the venue of tournament was approx, 40kms away from my home. Moreover, my dad was out on a business trip and driver was on holiday. Only me and my mom were at home and my mom's health was not the best.
My mom read the desperation on my face and asked me for what I was so desperate for. With hesitation, I told her about the Table Tennis tournament. She instantly asked me to get ready for the tournament even though she was in fever along with body ache.
I got ready. She took me to the venue in this heat just to fulfill my wish to play the tournament.

We reached the tournament venue. Got myself registered. I won initial few games and reached the quarter finals. But then I lost in quarter finals. My mom, just smiled and made me feel comfortable about the loss and motivated me.

It was just amazing. Even though her health was not good, she took me, then motivated me and brought me back home.
Hats off.

I love you my mom. I really love you. Always be with me.

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