Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Engraved Memories..

Meri maa! I would like to start off with a poem for her..


You hold me in your arm, 
From the day I was born.

 You bought me the 1st toy,
It filled  me with super joy.                                                    
You teach me and mould me,
Whenever I fall, you hold me.

You completed all my task,
 Whatever I need, whenever I ask.

You always clap and cheer,
Would make me feel so dear.

Comfort me with love and care,
In this world, it is quite  rare.

She was wise and so strong,
she guided me when I was wrong.

My eyes were free from tears,
My mind was free from fears.

Possess only love and no expectations,
Unconditional, pure with no complications.

God has sent an angel for me,
I'll be blessed as long as I live.

My MOM ! My super Hero ! My Angel Godmother ! 

All moms in the world possesses unforgettable memories of their kids growing up. Now a daughter looks back in the past and decided to talk past fondest memories with my mother. Words are not enough to narrate the unconditional love exists in between us.

I was a treasure to my Mom and she always helped and comforted me. She was my strength in facing all the problems. She was #MyFirstExpert as she avoided the smallest errors while sweeping on to the grand fallacy. Her existence in this world is like an angel Godmother.

She had 24 x 7 never ending job and she never complained  even she she was sickly tired. She was possessed with absolute amazing qualities. She loved taking my snaps on a Kodak Camera which was loaded with film-roll 24 x 7. she was very excited taking photographs on every occasions. She anxiously wait for the photographs to develop. She usually quotes while viewing my snaps, "Kitti soni aur pyaari hai meri bitiya " ( My daughter is so beautiful and lovely).

She took breaks from the strict household works and indulge in an important ice-cream party with us ( me and my brother ) She never missed any kind of opportunity to enjoy being a super MOM ! 

She is a good cook and used to make my favorite dishes--awesome namkeens and amazing deserts. On Sundays and Holidays, she allowed me to cook with her. She would give me ingredients of the dish and taught me how to cook. Even if the dish was not tasty, she just praises me, "Kitna Swaadist khana banaya " ( Wow, A tasty Dish ) Those moments are the most memorable ones. 

We both would have gone crazy at so many times. We had a small Kitchen garden and while watering those plants, we used to spray water on one another. Sometimes I plucked small raw vegetables from the plants, but she was never annoyed. Inspite, she taught me that if I would have plucked it after a few days it would be more tastier.

She never forgets to celebrate my birthday. New dress, new gifts, decorations, balloons, awesome dishes, games, and return gifts for each and every friends, relatives  and family members We had super dhamaka on that day Everything was perfectly organised by my mom, from my beautiful dress to all decorations along with awesome dishes. 

Each and every moment spend with my mom are immortal and her truest form of love will live forever in my heart and soul.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I'm gifting her Godrej Expert from Snapdeal.

I love you mom. :)

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