Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brilliant Homely Cuisine at Singapore


Good MEME makes me mad,
   Bad   MEME makes me sad    


Food. It’s indispensable part of life, having paramount importance. We get nutrition from food and nutrition plays all imperative role in our life. Only if we eat well, sleep well, think well and stay healthy and energetic. Everything we eat is a food and nothing else. 

And when it comes to food, people have their own liking's and dis liking's. Some are crazy for food, some consider food as essential part of life and hence fulfill it. Some love to eat varieties of food, some are very selective about their food. Some are vegetarians, some non-vegetarians. Some like healthy food and some junk food. So it all depends on individuals what they love to eat.Talking about myself, I’m a crazy food lover. I simply love to eat different types of food and am fond of tasting new recipes and then cooking them. Fruits are like my favorite friends. Being a Marwari, I’m a born vegetarian. I just love life, so I am a vegetarian. I feel my body is not a tomb for other creatures. My hearts feel sorrow in killing a living creature just for eating. Vegetarianism is harmless and it tastes better.

Just Foodie!

I love to have Rajasthani foods, Indian, continental, Chinese, Italian
and list goes on. I love homemade food and also love to eat varieties of foods in restaurants. 

For me my best food was plain chapatti with ridge gourd. My husband was insisting on going to Singapore, but I always refused as far as I know that Singapore vegetarian cuisines are not so good in taste. 
But then I made a trip to Singapore, booking my stay at Far East Hospitality and then the story unfolds.

Singaporean cuisine indicates the ethnic diversity of the culture. Singaporean culture declares eating as a national pastime and food, a national obsession. Food is the most frequent topic to be converse with among Singaporeans. Singaporean cuisines attracts tourists along with its shopping.

I got my freedom of choice from the huge varieties of food in Singapore. It is a paradise for food-lovers. There are maximum amount of awesome marvelous cuisines (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) found in this
smallest area.
Fried Carrot Cake, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rojak, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Fish head curry,Chilli Crab, Char Kway Teow, Otak Otak, Rendang, Mooncakes, Hakka Yang Tau Foo, Roti Prata, Fried Sesame ball, Dumping noodles, Bak Kut The, Satay, IceKanchang, Cendol, Ayam Buah Keluk, Nasi Padang and above all veg KAYA TOAST, my favorite Singaporean dish. 


Kaya toast is a traditional breakfast staple. It is prepared with kaya--sweet coconut jam, butter and is spread over toasted bread. Singaporeans are known for personalizing their eating experience. So it is no exceptional. So Kaya toast is also made from butter or margarine, soft- boiled eggs, a topping of sugar, coconut milk and sometimes crackers are used instead of toasted bread. It is combined with an aromatic cup of local coffee.  It is just a typical breakfast in Singapore. It tastes pretty decent. My taste bud always crave for it. I believe in good taste, so I love Kaya toast. I tasted this dish at Ya Kun Kaya Toast who sells these toast since 1940’s. When I put my favorite Kaya toast inside my mouth and then it reaches my taste bud, that feel is just priceless and is beyond description. It is well-loved by locals as well as new comers like me.I can bet Kaya toast is the only meal full of nutrition without paying much and one can eat it like a king in breakfast.I promise that I cannot forget this in my whole life.

Kaayyaaa, I love you!!

Apart from kaya toast I like Vegetarian Rice noodles for lunch and Cendol as my desert. I also bought Kaya spread and local coffee powder. 

I felt like BHUKKAD (GLUTTON) in my trip to Singapore. I would consider going back next time with my mother-in-law, because vegetarian dishes are as tasty as non- vegetarian dishes. It is a paradise for food-lovers. These memories are engraved on my mental urn and can’t be erased in future. I will share it with my friends, family, lovers’ and bloggers. I fell in love with @FarEastHospitality stay and Singaporean food.
We have just stayed for 2 nights at the Amoy. Great location in the heart of he historical area. The hotel staff are knowledgable and very friendly. Brilliant services and great location : Really impressed.We feel the loving touch of home at our @fareastospitality stay along with divine cuisine if Singapore.

Far East Hospitality, You're now close to me!

In conclusion, I can say that food and Singapore are made for each other and can create a better love story than LAILA-MAJNU or ROMEO-JULIET. Singapore is a Food heaven on the earth.


Kudos to Singapore GiveAway; Thanks to @FarEastHospitality

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