Friday, 6 March 2015

Dry baby, happy baby!

Parents are role models of their children and it is more important that how we spend time with them in a creative way doing all silly, sweet and fun things. A warm attached relationship with mother develops good abilities especially to sons. We should behave like a relaxed parent. Our parenting style is very important to develop child’s personality.

These are the silly things that make my kids feel happy and fills them with fun and sweet smiles.
My husband lies down on the floor like a horse and my kid sits on the top of his back. “TIK_TIK GHODA” are the words uttered by my husband and my kid enjoys the ride like anything.
Sometimes joking with my toddler helps to lighten up the moments and set them for social success. When my kids we, parents joke and pretend, it gives the innovative tool to my kids think in a creative way. When my kid do not know what to do I ask him to show his toys. Maybe together I can find something fun to do. I help him to pick up each toy and speed up the process of finding the right toy, he want to play. It at least kill a bit of time and keeps him engaged.
Some time I play freeze dance. Take turns being the person in charge of the music, then turn the music on and off. When it is off, stop. When it comes back on, dance! This is very interesting
I also play sardines. Sardines is the opposite of hide and seek. It is also very very interesting.
Sometimes I tickle my child and he laughs like anything. This one I like the most.

When he goes to sleep I sung different types of “LORI” for him to make him a sweet dream sleep. The most important thing is that I never forget to make him wear PAMPERS dry diapers which gives him 12 hours of @leaklock @protection. Pampers dry diapers are really trustworthy.
These diapers are unique in design and stylish. These are infused with Aloevera lotion and prevents any type of rashes. And my baby’s skin is totally free from any type of skin irritation. These diapers are smooth and gives cotton like softness. It also does not block air circulation and stays fresh and not smelly. It fits comfortably to every kid whether he is playing or sleeping.
When he stands or falls pressure on the diaper can interrupt his fun. Pampers dry diapers provides a super world class comfortable fit with 5 star skin protection. It gives my baby to play freely longer without any interruption.
I really thanks pampers for making us (parents) free of hassle during sleep or playing with children.

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