Sunday, 1 March 2015

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao!

We all know that self-reliance is very important key that motivates our behaviour, Self reliant person survive and function better in society than those who are dependent on others for happiness.

I love the simple truths contained in the welfare principles as taught by my family members since the world began, and I never tire of speaking about them. Today I shall speak to you about the principle of self-reliance and its impact upon my spiritual development and a better grown-up self reliant person.
This great principle does not deny to the needy nor to the poor the assistance they should have. The wholly incapacitated, the aged, the sickly are cared for with all tenderness, but every able-bodied person like me is enjoined to do his utmost for himself to avoid dependence, if his own efforts can make such a course possible; to look upon adversity as temporary; to combine his faith in his own ability with honest toil; to rehabilitate himself and his family to a position of independence; in every case to minimize the need for help and to supplement any help given with his own best efforts.
I believe that persons of rigorous faith, genuine courage, and unfaltering determination, with the love of independence burning in their hearts, and pride in their own accomplishments, cannot surmount the obstacles that lie in their paths.
My parents know that through humble, prayerful, industrious, God-fearing lives, a faith can be developed within me by the strength of which I can call down the blessings of a kind and merciful Heavenly Father and literally see my handicaps vanish and my independence and freedom established and maintained making me better and more self-reliant.
My parents provided me with these services which helped me to become self reliant------
1. Safe-stable living accommodation.
2. Basic life skill building. Establish positive relationship with peers and adults.
3; Make right decisions and manage stress.
4. Educational oppurtunities and vocational education training.
5. Assistance in job preparation, such as career counseling.
6. Mental health care.
7. Physical health care health assessment and emergency treatment
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I have been counseled by my parents to earn my own way, thereby becoming self-reliant since the beginning of my life. It is easy to understand the reason why my parents placed so much emphasis on this principle and I come to understand that it is tied very closely to freedom itself.
SAR UIHA KE JIYO ultimately contributed me making a happier person as a wife,  mother, friend or any type of role.

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