Wednesday, 4 March 2015

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Optimism is an attitude that keeps us centered on what is good about our past, present situation or about our future. In this vast world lovely and pleasurable things exists alongside painful and losing: Optimism is the consciousness that selects and focus only on good things.
Optimism gives us energy: It makes our working tasks and efforts feel worthwhile.We are awarded in the end only because some of our efforts may fail, and others may succeed. We cannot make out and can’t know ahead of time, which are which. But one thing is sure that when we are optimistic we are more happier and more satisfied. We can help people how to be happy and hopeful too.

I can remember an instance long back. I know a good looking young man always muttered at his bad luck, penniless and homeless. He frowned all days and use bad words for the Lord also. One day my wise senior husband came across to talk to him. Hey young man, why are you so unhappy ? This is your young golden age. He answered that he cannot understand why he is always so poor. My husband sincerely said, “Poor? I think you are very wealthy ! the young man was puzzled hearing the word, “WEALTHY”. He asked him, “Why are you saying this.?”
My husband asked , ‘Suppose if I offer you one crore rupee to cut your finger off, Will you do that ? “No, not at all” was the answer. Suppose I offer you one crore rupees to cut your leg off. Will you do that and take the rupees ?  Certainly not ! the young man replied confidently. If I offer 2 crore rupees to scoop out your beautiful shiny eyes. Will you allow me to do that ? No, Not at all. Now my husband offered him ten crore rupees to exchange their age ---19 v/s 90. The young man replied, No, I will not agree,  Lastly my husband asked, ‘Suppose someone offers you hundred million rupees to take your life right away. Will you do that ?’
 ‘Absolutely, not !’ the young man replied. My wise senior husband  said with a smile, ‘ That’s right. You have already possessed more than hundred crores wealth. Why are you still lamenting  on you luck or being so poor ? You came with bare hands, Youwill leave with bare hands either. Even though You have owned a kingdom of wealth, a strong good , beautiful body . Just Use your Body and mind in good cause and you will be the wealthiest man in the world. Nothing we can take with us when the time comes. The real wealth is concealed in our innermost. If only we have our hearts at the right places, If only we do the right things at the right times, If only we are content with what we are having, we are never being poor ! Happiness is to the one who is content ! ’ After listened to the wise senior husband’s saying, it dawned upon him at last.
========================================= The more kindness and happiness  we spread and leave  behind, the more harmony we will have in our world. I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world, aworld full of happiness, hope and all good things.

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